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About the Jewelry:

At Real to the Roots I believe that grounding with the earth, cooking from scratch and healing with nature is the best way to raise a healthy body. And while you're at it wear kick-butt jewelry made from natural materials - because you might as well have fun along the journey!

Much of my jewelry is inspired by nature. I use high quality leather and natural components. I thrive to create unique and vivacious jewelry that lasts and makes an impact on how you will feel when wearing it. A lot of love and attention goes into your jewelry. Leather is cut often by hand, metals are touched by hammers, paint and often polished.

I am in love with colors and different materials. It is hard to stick to one design. If you stay in touch you can follow along my journey as I discover new materials and techniques.

About Me:

I am a small batch jewelry maker, mom of three, wife to my technically fourth child and best friend, run a tiny farm and try to stay on top of our well-being. If I am not busy with kids you may find me digging in the dirt, do yoga, mix up some essential oil or herbal remedy or make jewelry.

PS: Because my jewelry is handmade my items are unique each time. Leather variations, stones and crystals are naturally different, and craftsmanship are all factors that make your pieces unique. Please expect slight differences from a product image when ordering a product. I am a perfectionist but I am not perfect :)

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